Stacey Cunningham Becomes First Female President Of New York Stock Exchange

Stacey Cunningham Becomes First Female President Of New York Stock Exchange


Stacey Cunningham is to become the 67th president of the New York Stock Exchange and the first woman to lead the 226-year-old financial group in its history.


As an intern during the summer 24 years ago, Stacey Cunningham has been appointed as the New York Stock Exchange’s first female president, a move which brings light to a gender-equal business world. According to The Guardian, Cunningham spoke about how things were when she first made it to Wall Street.

She spoke about how women were treated in the male-dominated business world at the time. According to her, the women’s bathroom was an old telephone booth which was located on the seventh floor, while the men’s bathroom was “palatial”, equipped with everything they needed from couches to an attendant at all times of the day.


Wall Street is actively trying to show that it’s moving down the path towards a gender-equal business world. Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, worked with city officials and authorities to move the statue of the Fearless Girl, which stares down the bull of Wall Street, outside of the stock exchange as a symbolic gesture.

Speaking in interviews, Stacey Cunnigham gave praise to the women that worked at Wall Street before her such as the legendary Muriel Siebert, the first female trader to work at the stock exchange back in 1967.

Speaking to The Street, Cunningham said: “I was a woman trader on the floor, and I never thought about it – I never thought for a moment whether or not that could happen, and whether or not that was an opportunity available to me,” as The Guardian reports. She goes on to say: “And it’s because Muriel paved the way. I think it’s just really important to recognize that any time a woman pushes the boundaries and redefines the boundaries, she’s redefining them for everyone else that follows her.”